Terms & Conditions


MyFavorito is platform for adults only.  

MyFavorito is a platform that facilitates Afro influencers and contents creator to earn money from their premium content.  

By publishing their premium content on MyFavorito, imakes their followers pay a subscription. 

To be able to access. by Using the payments system a mixe credit cards and Mobile payments provided by UniversalPin .   


2- How it works

a-Create an account

b-Choose your favorito model..

c- .Process a payments.

d-Get access to stream all the contents from your favorito model.

3- Payments

The payments made at MyFavorito , they are  collected through the Paypal and UniversalPin a service provided by Us.

4- Cancel subscription

At MyFavorito you only pay once for a period of 15 days or 30 days. 

Therefore, a notice is not necessary because your subscription expires automatically 

after your  period has expired.



a-  the products offered by MyFavorito are digital products to stream.

b-  Once payments are made, there is no refund.

c-  only if there is an error in the invoiced amount.

d-  Any technical error contact support@myfavori.to

6- How to become a model or Creator

a-Create an account by filling out the form.

b-After reviewed and confirmed, fill complete your profile

c-Add specialized contents and prices.

d-Start promoting your profile to your followers and make money.

7- content

a-  Publish  for subscriptions, only content of own creation or own production.

b-  The contents can not have any logo, brand or name of another website.

c-  Mark your content with the myfavori.to brand and your name or signature.

d-  the profile can only be deleded until the last day of the last subscription.

e-  the myfavori.to website maintains its rights at any time to cancel or delete a profile when the rules are violated.

8-MyFavorito  can, at any time change a  prices and ToC without any anticipation.

Best Regards

Team MyFavorito



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